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Cosy Spaces


Quiet Places

The Hut

Simple, charming, rustic. What more could you ask for? Spend your days reading in the sun, and your nights warmed by the fire. 

Shepherd's Hut-9.jpg


As featured on George Clark's amazing spaces and Shed of the year, Ghengis has got it all. With it rugged design fitting perfectly against the backdrop of the rolling hills, Ghengis is the ideal place to spend a night away in the wilds. 



Looking to get back to nature and get a little wild? With our exclusive wild camping pitches, we don't give you your own pitch. We give you your own field. So, with no-one else in sight nor sound we promise you a camping trip to remember. 

Shropshire Camping-5.jpg

Wild Camping 

Looking for a camping trip with a little more wild in it? Here at Hamperley, we don't give you your own pitch, we give you your own field! So, no need to worry about social distancing here. 

Shropshire Camping-5.jpg
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The Trailer

Nestled into the corner of a field, with a patio and fire overlooking the babbling stream, the Trailer has it all set for cosy night away. 

Coming Soon


Looking for a great pitch to parkup your campervan for the night? We can offer you the experience of a spot in the wilds, without all the worrying about being moved on! 

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